Become A Charcoal Pro

Enhance your charcoal cooking experience! Whether you're looking for the perfect searing zone, high OR low indirect heat, or a charcoal bank deflector, let the Vortex do the work with 3 sizes to choose from.

Cook competition quality meat in your own backyard! If you love cooking with charcoal, you'll love what you can do with the Vortex. Made in the U.S.A.

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The Vortex Seal of Quality
indirect heat


Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking

The Vortex can redirect the flow of heat up and around the meat which can turn your kettle into a true indirect ‘smoker’.

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indirect-direct heat


High Heat Indirect Cooking

It all started in an effort to get ‘fried-like’ skin on my chicken wings on the grill.

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direct heat


High Heat Searing

This is your searing option. Picture the back of a jet engine where the fire is shooting out of the exhaust cones. This is what you will get that intense sear from.

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infrared heat


Radiant Heat

Due to the grate-to-lid height on a kettle, making an upright (or ‘beer can’) chicken can be difficult to cook in an 18.5” or 22.5” kettle.

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Heavy Duty Grate

Heavy Duty

Plate Grill Grate
This grate will last a lifetime.
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Indirect Grate

Grilling Grate

with removable searing grate
The perfect accessory for Weber Kettle, WSM, BGE, UDS or Kamados that use a 21.5" grate.
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Searing Grate

Steak Searing Grate

For use with medium Vortex
Perfect seared steaks have never been better with our Steak Grate Vortex accessory.
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Poultry Rub

Premium Rub

Poultry Rub Chicken Seasoning
Expertly crafted for the perfect Chicken with your Vortex Baffle Accessory.
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Charcoal heat Controller Baffle

Charcoal heat Controller Baffle

Stainless Vortex Grill Grate

Stainless Vortex Grill Grate

Flavorizer / Beer Can Chicken

Flavorizer / Beer Can Chicken

Vortex Koozie

Vortex Koozie

Congratulations to Kyle Matuszewski and his Dad for winning back to back SCA championships in wings and lamb with the Vortex! Read More About it Here...