Which Size?

Using the table below, you can find the right size Vortex that is perfect for your grill.

Fitment Mini Small Medium Large*
Kettle 18.5" Yes Yes Yes No
Kettle 22.5" Yes Yes Yes No
Kettle 26.75" Yes Yes Yes No
BGE Large Yes Yes No No
BGE XLarge Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kamado Joe Yes Yes No No
Big Joe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jumbo Joe Yes*** No No No
Smokey Joe Yes No No No
UDS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weber Charcoal Summit Yes Yes Yes Yes****
Char Griller Akorn No Yes No No
PK Grill Yes No No No

Green indicates an ideal fit

* A large Vortex will not fit between grates in Kettles 18.5" through 26.75" *** Fits, but approx 1/8" too tall, grill (May) have slight wobble **** The Large fits when you remove the center ring from the cooking grate.  


Mini Small Medium Large
6" Narrow End 6.5" Narrow End 8" Narrow End 8.5" Narrow End
9" Large End 10" Large End 12" Large End 13" Large End
3.5" Tall (*approx) 4-5/8" Tall 4-5/8" Tall 6.5" Tall
Does your smoker fit the Vortex, and is not listed in the above chart? Please let us and others know by filling out this form.